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Episode 10: The Hollow Mountain
August 23, 2018 Jack Riales
Bearn has disappeared, and his tracks lead to the same dwarven society our heroes wanted to see. Where is he? And will the dwarves be able to help fight the corruption? Thanks so much for watching! You can also find us on iTunes, Google Play Music, Stitcher, Castbox, or wherever the heck you get your podcasts! PLEASE rate us on the service you're using! It helps us immensely. Site: iTunes: Google Play Music: Castbox: Stitcher: Youtube: Wanna say something, but can't find out how!? We're on Twitter! Find us @WackySmacksTV Fantasy and Stuff is a totally cool, hip, and original Dungeons and Dragons podcast produced by Wacky Smacks and hosted by Jack Riales. Co-hosts include: Cyan Stratton playing Fork Silverware, the Tiefling warlock Tyler Flowers playing Oro the cleric of urogolan Jacob Hopkins as Telos Melorum, the drunk wood elf monk Ben Strong as Bearn the Paladin Garison Graham as Greyson Grum Isaiah Russel as Zamlin Music:

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:00Baron, you wake up on a fancy night on the, uh, the side of that implication for you guys decided to take a rest on your way to the hollow mountain. And, um, you wake up in kind of a cold sweat. You're for some reason, nervous, sorta shaking. Not you're not, you're not doing too hot. You feel sick.

Speaker 1:0:32Oh, cold, bad fruit and a, after you take a shit, you go outside to of, well, I guess you're already outside. You wouldn't shit in the Ted I imagined. But despite, for despite fork, fuck you for key fork for leaving me on that rope too long. Um, you go out, you go out and you're sort of away from the tent. You're, um, you've taken a walk and as you walk, you feel a, a cold chill kind of some something, something isn't right. And, uh, and do you feel that that scar on you? Wherever it may be, that, uh, that corrupted damage that was done to your body, you feel it start to burn. And um, as you look ahead of you, you see kind of a kind of a figure of light shining down from the sky and it's a, it looks like a person who is it and, uh, and the, the, the figure it talks back. It's your, me, Ben, barren, grammy, grammy

Speaker 2:1:46grams. What are you doing, you know, do you have your walker?

Speaker 1:1:50Ben? Have you, have you done? Have you done your fishing? You need to bring it back,

Speaker 2:1:58grandma. You know, my, my fishing gear is A. I sold it. I pawned it. I needed to eat. I, you know, I earned money by trading my fishing pole for a throwing pole and hunting meat. Um, and game

Speaker 1:2:21billy is starving. Who is billy? It's your brother.

Speaker 2:2:29I'm going to role play a role.

Speaker 1:2:31Say Okay, rolling inside. Check. This is actually important. That should be your one there. So I call bullshit grammy. You're not my grammy. Buck five, five plus three, eight. Yeah. You, you fully believe this is your grandma. You're a. You are in fact a charm. Do you were deceived into believing this figure? I don't think we need to. Hold the secret for the audience at home, it's like, it's obviously not your, it's an ask. It's like this, this projection of something

Speaker 2:3:09not really good when you see a bright light and something that claims to be a relative, right? Probably long dead.

Speaker 1:3:19But, uh, but I guess in your kind of like nighttime state, you know, you're very tired. You just bought a whole bunch of him, like you were stuck on a rope for like a million years and um, you believe it and they start. They say you need to come home, come home. And they, they, they, uh, they sort of fly back into the, uh, into the path behind them and I follow them and you of course follow them. And uh, so now you're in kind of a, a kind of a rocky sort of the base of a mountain, you know, the base of a mountain in this area and you're following the trail of this, uh, this astral projection that claims to be your grammy show. Uh, and uh, it's still night time. And what you find as you begin to go up is a, you hear rustling among the rocks and the, uh, I say rustling almost as if it's a bush, but I mean like, you see you, you, you hear like some pebbles fall, you hear some like crunch of gravel. Um, and do you think to yourself, even in your sort of altered state of mind that you might not be alone? Uh, so if you could roll for me a perception check,

Speaker 2:4:43do much difference. Um, here's my question. Uh, I think this glass on the table greatly affects the roll. So I'm going to do it again. Full beat once glass, shame on you, fool me twice. Shame on me. Okay. Twelfth list, one slash 13.

Speaker 1:5:03Okay. So 13, not too bad. Uh, so you kind of take the, uh, you kind of take the initiative to look around for once you know, you, you stop and you begin to look around you and, um, you, that suspicion begins to grow as you hear more and more sort of grapples steps. Um, you're, you're really paying attention to it now. Um, and uh, almost at once you're ambushed, a whole bunch of, a whole bunch of figures, you can't all the way see, have jumped out at you and I need you to roll initiative. Whoa, boy. Oh boy. He, uh, he's coming down is dealing damage and he rolls back damage and you've been knocked out. So because that's 12 damaged. But Shit, man. Ben, you've been knocked out. Yeah. And you don't know what's happening, but all to your liking. By the way, this is all this. Hey, that's how the dice rolls. When, what can I say? Uh, I hope to one day completely changed the story. Just getting lucky, man. Baird, I think you're in for a rough

Speaker 3:6:35God

Speaker 4:7:20and for you guys, awake your camp in this, uh, uh, this sort of dusty little wasteland on the way to the mountain region and yeah,

Speaker 1:7:32discover that your friend Ben is nowhere to be found. Fuck that guy. So we need to discuss what kind of dreams you guys had. So, um, go ahead and roll dream role you guys. So let's start with, let's start with the higher one. Got a 14, 14. Okay. So, um, you are running away, you're running, you're running, you're running, you're running away from an indescribable horror, just something that's the scariest possible thing you could make, uh, whether that be clowns or elves or what have you, and you look back and the right there and you get caught and you wake up and you get one plus one for athletics today. So that's pretty good. And, uh, and fork, I got a seven. You dream of a place, you long to be, you dream a, it's almost nostalgic in a way. You think of your past and sort of the happy moments of your past and you, um, you wake up with those thoughts in mind, you know, maybe have your friends back in cow calf, you know, the court used the well dirt pile used to sleep on and uh, you wake up and there's no effect, but you're upset, you're upset.

Speaker 1:9:06Well, I'll write that down then know she's Sassy and upset. No gameplay mechanic there. But, you know, Sassy and upset today guys.

Speaker 1:9:19So you guys wake up having a bit. You guys wake up and you discover baron is nowhere to be found. I'm trader. This guy who just survived an emp attack. This guy who just loves potato salad, whatever that is, he's gone. And so it's up to you guys to kind of figure out what you want to do. Fuck that guy. Jesus. Just kidding. I'm just kidding. Love Ubb. So it's, it's Oro. And for today is going to do. Is there any sign of a struggle or anything? Uh, do for me a perception check. Can I also? Yes. Cool beans. Got a 15.

Speaker 1:10:10I got to an unnatural 20. You notice almost a, almost a distinct lack of struggle. You notice a really, really nothing, you know, the sand is just as it was. Um, you do, however, notice that there are sort of buttprints leading away and they're, they're almost like a clouded over there, very like faint, right? As if this happened like deep into the night, but you were able to notice that, that they lead in a direction and that direction is actually your destination. Oh, cool. How convenient. Just so happens. So, um, what that information in mind, do you guys want to trudge on ahead or do you guys want to do some, some mouse? I don't know.

Speaker 5:11:03Well,

Speaker 1:11:03let's head toward the prints if that's okay with you. Yep. Okay. Alrighty then and set out to the mountain region of soar mirror. And it's a very perilous, you know, you're, you're sidling along cliffs. You're walking across, you know, more thin bridges that perhaps give you a sense of unease after that last one. Nothing quite as I. How did bear and get across you come across. You come across a chasm, right? Not, not quite as big as the last one, right? It's not a whole canyon, but it is a, it is a chasm. And up above you is a, a very tall cliff. And hanging down from that club is actually a rope. And you think to yourself, wow, this must be the intended way to get across. Um, so to get across you have to, yes. You have to swing across the rope like Tarzan. So if I could get everybody to do a, a dexterity check, acrobatics, charity or acrobatics, fuck it. Fuck it, let it happen. I say the same anyway, so it doesn't matter. Okay. Well how about that?

Speaker 1:12:26Okay. You got a 12. 12. Okay. Um, I will say you both were able to, uh, get onto the rope and get across to the other side. Not elegantly, you know, maybe maybe do a, we stumble, you know, you're not quite the monkey man. Tarzan, Tarzan. You're not even tars, woman. You're not. Even if you do it, you do it. You succeeded. It succeeded the role. It was like a 50 percent kind of thing. Um, and you, uh, you make it across and uh, you begin on your way towards a, what you feel it'd be the last leg. Um, you know, beacon, if you guys remember beacon, I know it's been like, I know it's been like eight months since we've even talked about beacon, but, um, it's there, it's helping you out. And um, it says you were coming right upon, uh, the entrance to the great caves of the Hollow Mountain. Cool. And uh, what you see before you is a, just simply gigantic metal door. I mean, it's ornate and it has tons of these locking mechanisms on it. Um, and uh, it, it, it simply huge and a fork you think to yourself, well, that's quite ironic considering their short dwarves and I know now. Um, so, uh, yeah. So you're at the store and what do you do to knock?

Speaker 1:14:02Okay, well if you guys, if you guys agree to that. So, um, I thought you were going there. I'm sorry. Yeah, we're just going to walk up and go. Wait. Whoa. Okay. I'm kicking the door. I, I'm only curious about something I want. I like to check just because I'm curious as to, as to how you guys do a thing. A do. Let's do it. Let's do a fun little strength role. Still Fun. Strength role is going to be great. It'd be fun. I got a two. Okay. So fork, you're like, I don't want to go in, I'm just gonna Knock. And so you go up and you not only not, he punched the door so violently that it causes the whole door to like vibrate. It just goes bomb like a gong.

Speaker 1:14:53And um, and you actually create a dent on the door. Oh goodness. I'm sorry, but it's fine. Whatever. I'll fix that later. And a tiny, a tiny like latch kind of a door and the door opens up about, uh, about waist high to you and uh, there's two eyes beyond this, this little hatch. And uh, it's the person behind it. Says, what do you want? I want to go inside. No, please, please. The response. Okay. I'm going to knock again. We're going to do your strength roles. I'm going to do it even more frequently and not just once. Okay.

Speaker 1:15:43Okay. So you're not normally this time and the hatch opens again and it's like, and instead I'm just telling you to piss off. He says only doors allowed go away and it goes to, that friend is in there, he's close to hatch. It's not listening. Well, I don't, I don't care. I'm gonna fucking knock. One more time. Okay. You want to not go ahead. I've got a 10. Okay. So you knock, just normally, you know, you walk up, you knock politely, like, and um, the hatch opens and your probably more face linked with it. And um, and uh, I want you to roll for me, um, before doing that role, uh, tell me what you're going to want to say. MINNEOPA. Basically she was like, we were set to help and our friend, we believe he's in here. We followed tracks from the site, kind of explaining what's been going on. So he opens the hatch and you say that and it's just like, hey, we're here to help blah, blah blah. And uh, he says, uh, he asks you or you had worth now since I have like the facial hair and everything and he cast minor religion on him. It's A. Okay, go ahead. Dorf roll a roll. A deception with advantage.

Speaker 1:17:01Nice. Go for it. Good luck. How a got 1111. What I will say is that, so your illusion, you're trying to help him convince this other guy that he door. And so you maybe express those door flight features you're aware of, you know, increase the nose, give you some more things, mustache, a little bushy, or maybe even give you a beard. Shocking. I know being the mustache guy, that's not really your forte. But um, so you increase those features and shoes, right? And uh, the guy, the guy behind it, he's the hatch was open. He saw the illusion and uh, and he's, oh, that was weird. He, uh, he looks at you and he doesn't close the hatch. And he says, is this one with you? There's this one woman. She is, why she's my traveling companions. You're saying we should let a demon inside the hollow mountain. I look over at her, not as bad as you think.

Speaker 5:18:13Hey, what's that supposed to mean?

Speaker 1:18:15What's your name? I'm kind of even like taking the deeper voice. All right, fine. And uh, he goes to the hatchback and you start to hear some metal mechanisms working. Just kind of like, you hear things turning. Here's some things twisting. You hear, you know, twisting, you hear it. They need some wd 40 real fantasy, WTF

Speaker 5:18:48my horns are covering my ears, but I can still hear that shit, so I'm going to cover them. I'm having a bad day. Cover your horns, horns, constitution saving, throw thunder damage your insight. Do you have internal bleeding now?

Speaker 1:19:04So, uh, it just sounds like a whole bunch of metal parts moving and then at the very end and uh, see the doors just shoot me. I was to say is you pull a shot.

Speaker 5:19:16I got my shotgun with me right now.

Speaker 1:19:20So, um, you, uh, you see the doors very slowly. Oh, I mean these are really heavy doors so it takes a fairly anonymous the amount of time and uh, the swing open and uh, the guy behind there, uh, who was previously chatting with you is kind of like reluctantly being longer or whatever. And um, but he stops you and he asks a, you mentioned a friend. Yes. There was a way to Dorf Paladin named Baron who actually left our group and traveled ahead. Sorry. Upheld and mortar? Yes. I haven't seen one. Well, is there any other, are there any other guards that had been on post for the last few hours? The last few hours? Nope, just me since, uh, since dawn. Oh, well he could have clearly. Who's the last guy that was with you? Well, his name is Arturo Ritora. Sorry. That's a little silly

Speaker 5:20:19laugh at other people's names. That's disrespectful. Lost half of his name.

Speaker 1:20:24Yeah.

Speaker 5:20:25And just got that

Speaker 1:20:29he should be at his home on the 14th sector. So, uh, if you're seeking him out, that's where it will be. Cool. Just trying to do my part and help a fellow dwarf and his pet. No, I wouldn't call her a pet but about the same use. So, uh, I'm going to punch him in the arm. So you're going to bunch aura in the arm. Okay. Rolling for a tech. I got for a tech. You got to use your strength with your, with what? You got to use your strengths. You got to go. Okay. So I got an 11. Do that right here. You say no. Okay. So it was just a light hit on the arm. Does it to say shut up?

Speaker 5:21:11Yeah.

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Speaker 1:22:50Um, so here you guys are, you're in the hollow mountain.

Speaker 5:22:55That was the funnel one counter. He just thinks it's fun because I didn't do any damage. No, it just the whole like he assumed it was you are my pet and everything. Just I don't know. As we're walking away from him, I glare at him with like the most demon light, glare, civil you do that if someone was on the wrong side of the sleeping bag.

Speaker 1:23:16So we're in the hall of the mountain and uh, what you see as you walk in is it, is this simply enormous complex. I mean literally the size of a mountain, you're in the interior of an entire mountain, but there's no rock really to speak up except on the very outer walls. Most of what you see as you look up, it's actually machinery like turning like a whole bunch of gears and machines and just tons and tons of metal working. And you see you like, like um, magma flows into like these, like big cauldrons and that, those cauldrons of being pulled into other things and shut up. There's tons of, there's tons of mechanisms doing their work and you see this is a extremely civilized, extremely technologically advanced society. Um, and uh, um, it's, it's also huge. So finding your way around might be a bit difficult for you guys, but um, but here you are. And uh, so what, what do you guys want to do?

Speaker 5:24:20What sector was it again? Sector 14. 14. Let's go to the obvious. Which way sector 14 is

Speaker 1:24:28you. Did either of you speak to. Yes you do. Okay. So you were able to look at the signs, lighting, lab lining the walls and uh, you're able to see that um, well each kind of like floored. See there's multiple levels of. And it seems to indicate that going up is going up a sector and going down, it's going down the sector and you guys are right now on sector too. So we can go up to like 12 more sectors. So you think to yourself, you need to go upwards,

Speaker 5:25:00going to be a lot of exercise, a little extra work to do, why we've got to go up to sector 14. How the fuck do you know that I read the sign kind of point like de to the sign. Does that scribble scrabble say sector to really use sector too? You're pointing at symbols right now, but I can't comprehend. It. Pulls out his imaginary character sheet and says right here it says every tourists, I'll trust you, but then you're breeding some jibberish and I don't get it. Throws his arms up, starts walking up.

Speaker 1:25:42Words should have had for goal, for insight or something. No wonder they got a stick up their ass over here. So, um, you guys start walking around trying to find a way up and uh, you discover sort of two different methods. Um, there are stairs, but the uh, the sectors are, it's not normal like floors, like you'd see in real life, you know, like uh, stories about 10 feet. Um, these are more like 30 to 40. So the, so lots of stairs, especially since you're going up for can handle it. Um, I'm a handling thank you. Also notably the, the, the, the height of each stair is quite low so I imagine that might get, it's more like a slow kind of annoying for me. Um, so there are stairs and you guys are welcome to do that or there is a lift that you can see people sort of getting in and off of, in the lift. Well you will discover that if you attempt to use it,

Speaker 5:26:43lifts or definitely all for the lift first going up 14. No 12 stories are told. No, that's

Speaker 1:26:54uh, well. So you start by getting in line. How long is the line? The line is somewhat long because it doesn't really seem like anybody likes using stairs because the stairs are wide open. My friend, I mean there's thousands of dwarves living in here and they're all using the lift.

Speaker 5:27:11Okay. Well I'll go take the stairs. We're going to immediately take the stairs. Yeah. Okay. Well,

Speaker 1:27:17so you guys start trudging up the stairs and I'm.

Speaker 5:27:22How heavy are you with all my gear? Probably like 40 pounds, 40 pounds. I'll carry him. Well that's so nice of you to you. Holy Shit. Okay. So a fork picks you up and carries you like a, like a Japanese grandma. Actually, I could, some of my, uh, my Doggie. You're going to summon your doggie companion to walk with us. I'm sure you could. Some of the doggy I want to eat while you're holding the. I'm going to be like doing magic on your back. I'm a make it weird. Some of the dark hound and the dark side.

Speaker 1:27:53I'm just going to walk beside you up the stairs. Yes. Cliche. Fight. So what I'm doing, well, I'm going to have you guys do, is for every few floors you're going to roll a constitution, saving throw and you're good role for your dog to know. So you don't have to, but your dog does. And uh, so everybody just go ahead and roll their constitution saving throw.

Speaker 5:28:20Oh No, I'm natural and unnatural. 20. Okay. You make it up. You make it up three floors. Uh, he got a five out of shape. Dude,

Speaker 1:28:30you had a five. Alright. So, um, so he made it up, but he's not doing so good. He's very tired. Sleepy dog, sleepy dog. You should probably put them back in your pocket, but you guys are on the uh, the sixth floor.

Speaker 5:28:46Cool. So eight more floors to go. Let's play the feud. Guys are just going upstairs. I got another unnatural or anything to note on any of the floors or was it just like,

Speaker 1:28:58um, each floor kind of has its own thing going on. Like um, you know, psa sector too was kind of the main entrance floor, you know, it's clear that um, it's uh, it's clear that people are sort of, you know, really running product through here. It, it's kind of the, the main hub of to get somewhere else where you are now is a sort of a, a commerce floor. Um, it's kind of a um, shop based floor where, I mean there's a lot of floors like this. Actually this is just one of them

Speaker 5:29:37that was going to say, I'm going to ask us if we could stop and buy some stuff real quick. Say what can I keep my dice rolls? Isn't unnatural 20. Oh, I just dropped me down and actually wrote a 29.

Speaker 1:29:47You can keep your dice. What's really. But um, uh, so uh, where do you guys want to stop? There's shops for just about anything. These dwarves are the, their, the way their society works as you tend to want to like specialize in one sort of very specific thing because everybody here is very sort of um, I don't, uh, it's, it's sort of a, it's sort of a sense of like you need to be a master at something, but there's already a master at most things you need to like pick something truly Dorfman through more urban.

Speaker 5:30:15Is there a, is there a scroll shop anywhere there is a scroll shop. In fact, I want to go there. Is there an under armour for meeting Barbara? Being a

Speaker 1:30:25more of in society. There's plenty of armor shops. My friends assume so. So we're going to split. The party fork is going to go find a scroll shop and you're going to find an armory, a blacksmith, so to speak. So we're going to start with fort and for you begin to wonder around. You're looking for a scroll shop. Uh, and uh, basically a magic where's

Speaker 5:30:45kind of shop because that's a place that would probably cause I mean, I don't really need to do anything to my weapons since I can mend them myself. So. And um, and yeah,

Speaker 1:30:55so you walk in to a, you walk into one shop and uh, you see there's magic. Where's that is called [inaudible]. There's a whole bunch of alchemy equipment there and there's a whole wall full of labels like cabinets full of scrolls and scrolls of all kinds. And the person behind the counter

Speaker 5:31:17is actually not a dwarf. Whoa. Does actually a Elf Elf. How'd you get in here? So you want walk up and say, what are you talking about? Oh, they wouldn't let me in. They called me some guys pet earlier. Oh, that, that's okay. I don't know what you mean though. What do you mean? Oh, they wouldn't let me in. I know about me. About you. Yeah. What's the problem? God Damn it. I mean, you're an Elf. Oh, not yet. Not with the danger said you are Sarah. What do you think you are? What do I think I am? I'm a Golem. Golem. I'm gonna. Go alone. I made the rocks.

Speaker 1:32:08Is this in character for it or is this just say I'm laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation. Oh, okay.

Speaker 5:32:17Are you going to buy something ma'am? I sure don't really appreciate it. Yeah, a few.

Speaker 1:32:27It depends on the scroll you want. What kind of, what kind of summer scroll do you want to do? You have? Well we got all kinds of conservation spells here. I mean you can summon a. I have everything from some and dragon to summon tiny little wasp. Um, let's see here. Someone Dragon. Yeah. But you're not here. Fuck you. Um, so let's see here. What do you want to summit? I could even write you one if you want. I want it would take five weeks. Like just describing like a lion center man. Align Center man. Half Lion, half horse. Sorta like that. Well I don't really have anything like that offhand, but I can sure write that up. Now let's talk a. Let's talk a cache there. So because it's custom, it took me about quite a long time to draw that. Say I'd have to use one of my fine parchments a 8,000 gold, eight thousand eight thousand gold. Well, why? Why is, why is it so high? Well, that sounds like a very powerful creature. Plus I'm having to custom maker. That doesn't, that's not exactly something that exists. So I'm having to do a lot of work here. 8,000 gold charm person. You're going to charm person? Yep. Okay, go ahead. Uh, so you're charmed about six. Um. Okay. You starved. Okay. Well, can I give you 10 gold?

Speaker 5:34:05Sure.

Speaker 1:34:09Well I sure do like you, but that would put me in colossal debt considering I'll have to work on this for four weeks straight. What if I help you? I just want to bond with somebody so they'll go on my campaign with me. Are you referring to the Lion Center? No. Are you referring to the, to the supposedly Golden Bell? Absolutely. I don't. I don't know if that would happen. You can't just start recruiting everybody to be in the first person. I've ever, that's a lot of that would be a lot of people for me to keep track of. You don't even know this character's name yet. What's his name? Maybe you should ask in character. What's your name? Ripped in. Ripton ripped him. Cool. That's a cool name. Well, you had to just invent that one. Didn't choose it. What the fuck do you think? D and D is?

Speaker 1:35:03Well, we're gonna. We're gonna. Just real quick. Cut. You're gonna your character is going to stay there. We're going to real quick cut to Oro. Who has found the, uh, one of the many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many armories. And uh, you've walked into one that you think would benefit you as a, a medium armor. Your medium already. Small Armor, right? Um, well being here. I mean, there's a lot of that too, right? Uh, and you walk in and you're kind of browsing around and a, a, a big fat dwarf. I mean, not, not big, but you know, you know what I mean? A medium door and he's in an apron and he's actually, he has no facial hair and he walks up to you and says hello. Hello Sir. Can I help you find anything? Can look shocked. Looking at his facial hair. Something wrong with your face. Oh, I don't really. I don't really know what you mean. Are there other opportunities

Speaker 5:36:14under armour?

Speaker 1:36:19Oh my gosh. Uh, yes. The answer to that question. Are you going to leave and find another armory? I'll stick around for a little bit. See how things go. Okay. Well I've got to give him a chance first. Right? Putting them on and obviously fake smile. He asks you. Is there anything I can help you find? I was actually looking to improve my gear. Improve your gear. That looks pretty easy. Oops. Did I say that out loud? Says the dwarf. What are you looking to find?

Speaker 1:37:00Oh Man, I started a fight. I didn't know I'd have a problem with. I don't mean look for new gear. I mean, could you improve on what I have already A. Yeah, sure. We're able to do upgrades. Um, uh, how, how, how good you want it, how much time should I spend hammering your, your dirty, dirty filth. Armor. Looks like you've been in the wastes. We've been, we stay the night and the candy. Sorry to hear that. Anyway, I'm going to go to the next arm, right? I'm like, Oh, thank you for your business or I think I'll go elsewhere. I'll miss you. [inaudible] bastard. So you go to the next armory and uh, there's a, there's an this time a, an extremely large actually dwarf. I'm much, much taller than normal. Much, much wider than noise, like five feet tall. Pretty much actually a tall taller than you.

Speaker 1:37:54Uh, I would, I would say and um, he, he is built the sky and um, does he have facial hair? He does, he has copious. It's down to the floor and my friend, we are good. He is a, he's an older gentleman and he is hammering hard on a, on an anvil with like a, a big, big hammer. He's going at it on, um, on a fairly large blade and um, and you walk in and a little bell rings and he turns to you and he has this like big mean mug on his face, almost as if like, you're not welcomed here. And uh, he actually stops hammering and he gets up and uh, he walks sort of more towards the entrance and he looks down to you and, uh, with sort of the meanest face and the most grisled sort of look. He says, hey, how's it going? Welcome.

Speaker 1:38:53Hi. Hi. Hey. What are you looking for? A to upgrade my armor and sword. Oh, no problem. What can I do? Like, do you want, do you want it to be a different material? Do you want it to be sort of built back up? I mean, what? We've been through a few skirmishes I'd like to see about possibly get these looked at and upgraded. I clean the blood off for you to kind of pull up late. I'm like, as soon as your blood two inch bleed actually started taking my scale armor off. I don't know, it takes longer than that, but could you upgrade? Boom, you've got a nice torso robes quickly go back down so you're not cute. So this is scale armor, so when I could easily do is kind of um, replaced some of the broken scales here and kind of any starts explaining to you kind of his process of what he can do.

Speaker 1:39:41And I'm essentially, if you do this, you can leave it here for a maybe a day or two, maybe a few more and um, he can build it up and uh, basically we're going to upgrade the DAC of it essentially. How much does it cost A. Oh Gosh. So to do all that kind of thinking, I'm going to say, well, there's anything you need done. I'm actually part of an adventuring party. Oh my gosh. You come from outside, Huh? Okay. Well I could totally not tell that. Um, as a matter of fact, there is something I could totally have you do. Um, yeah. I actually have a shipment that needs to get sent around and if you don't mind doing that, I would actually do this for you for free. Okay. Where are we going with Shipman? Well, I'm up on sector 18. There's a guy there and uh, I need to give him this envelope.

Speaker 1:40:37Please don't openly envelope. Okay. And um, and I just needed delivered to him if you don't mind. And uh, he lives on a housing unit 11 and I'm going to write that down for you on the same housing 11. So 11 on sector. Got It. That's on the envelope. So you totally don't have to remember that as a player character because good God wouldn't that suck really bad. And um, yeah. So if you could just bring that to him and come back to me. Uh, I will totally get your armor done. You said a day, two days should just take you around today because I think you have to get the scales and stuff. So yeah, that'd be that work out just fine. Alright. Then is the envelope out of character off the envelope, notable or anything? Or is it just a regular, it looks to you to be a fairly normal envelope made of a, a rather thick parchment and kind of tied with a little string there. And I'm actually, when he wrote down the, uh, the address on there, he put a little smiley face next to it, which is Kinda Nice. Um, but that's all you can really note about it. Huh? So delivering a love letter. All right, let's do this.

Speaker 1:41:55So, uh, you've agreed to go on a side quest and deliver this thing to. I'm good job to this person to experience free services. So, um, we're gonna we're gonna cut back to fork and fork. What are you doing? Well, I want to look through all the struggles that he has existing already because I'm not about to try to make a scroll. Okay. So let's see here. What can you give me some like medium sized summoners? So, so like a, like a medium sized creature or maybe a humanoid. How many legs are we talking? It could, it could be any, it can be any. So I do have a, uh, I do have a spider summon, which I think might be in your price range. Um, and that would be pretty good. Uh, that is, uh, yeah, that would be a medium. So, um, you know, obviously it's a scroll, it's temporary, but um, yeah, I've, I've, I've seen this guy do some damage before so I can't help but imagine you're talking about size. Yeah, it comes into medium. It'd be perfect for you how this guy. It's like he gets people in the shop sometimes it's like, hey, I need a summon. Oh yeah, that thing looks nice. Does it come in large? Oh, of course it does.

Speaker 1:43:21That's so cute. Is it coming in extra small? No, no, it doesn't crop. The version of that just shaved. How much was the spider? The spider was about $100. 200. You said that was in my price range though. Well, I just kind of girl, you look like a 200. Whoa. I don't know how big your purse is. I'm merely making an assumption, so I'm flattered that you think I have that much. Well, I mean, here in the hollow mountain, we also trade services. What kind of services do you need? Charmed. Oh, he is, he is a grow. We also trade charmed. You could maybe do something with that wrong kind of roleplay, an escort. This is another kind of role playing I signed up for. So, um, you obviously do not have the money to pay for these scrolls. These scrolls scrolls, pretty good schools, but there are a lot of ways get around paying a high price.

Speaker 1:44:33Right? Right. So I'm letting you know that as dm to player. That's why I asked them what services he wanted. He, he's, he expected a, um, a shipment recently, a whole bunch of like, you know, just generic, like magical stuff like, um, maybe maybe wants, things like that. Um, you know, focuses like magical focuses and uh, he hasn't received them yet. And um, he says if you could investigate and figure out why those haven't come, if you just happen to find out, you know, why those haven't showed up yet. And maybe if you could even get me that shipment, um, that I'd be happy to part with these if you'd like. Absolutely. Where's it located? Well, uh, the shipping was intended to come from actually sector 18. Um, but, uh, yeah, just hadn't showed up so it could be anywhere between here and there. So what am I supposed to look for exactly? Well, um, it is, uh, is a, uh, dwarven caravan kind of. It has, I'm on the side of it. It should say something to the effect of a, it's a place that sells ones and shit. So it's one, it's one co, one co company name. Well, look, I mean there's, there's, there's really only one in here. So, and it's run by a guy who, you know, has listened. His wife died anyway

Speaker 5:46:02to tell him that his company name is stupid, but I just wanted to relay that to you.

Speaker 1:46:07So if you could just sort of, I mean he's coming from sector 18 to down here and he's kind of going through a bad area. Maybe he got caught somewhere in there. So you know, if you could just find that, that'd be super. Yeah, that's, that's great. I'll do it. And remember, tell him ripped in the Golem cintia got you. So there you go. Now you have a side quest

Speaker 5:46:33to the same place nonetheless. Wow. What a coincidence. Holy Crap. I wonder if it's specifically in room 11.

Speaker 1:46:40So do you guys want to meet back up or what do you want to do?

Speaker 5:46:43Well, uh, I guess we should meet up to let everybody to let each other know. Hey, I got something on sector 18 secretary envelope. Just kind of wave it around. Something to do on sector 18. You copying me? No, like that. Fucking Weirdo. Magic back away. Up the stairs. Walking. I'm the one that carried you up here. Okay.

Speaker 3:47:04Yeah. To get over here. No, no you, you. Do you.

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