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A Story for Penelope - Season 2 Teaser

July 19, 2019 Evelyn Riales Season 2
Fantasy and Stuff
A Story for Penelope - Season 2 Teaser
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Speaker 2:

sit down my child, sit down, it's me. Come in, listen to a story. Would you, oh, you like to hear that one again? Well , um , there once was a great and powerful hero , uh , revered by all is a man of justice, a righteous man, a conqueror of all things evil. I'm from bandits to pirates too . Yes, yes. Those evil in cancer types as well. Over the course of this life , you would find admiration, fortune, love. But one day he would find sorrow, a terrible sickness. He fell his precious daughter, he was filled with angst, a horror and sudden range . A rage that burn hot pretended beaming from his heart like a dying star. He vowed to himself, bowed to her just as he did defeated evil. So two , would he defeat death. And certainly to my surprise, a little warm we did for her. He took the weight of the natural world unto himself. He became stronger and stronger and stronger. A strength that Wade has sold more than any normal human can bear . He a mere mortal knife had become a god. The God that protect that precious little girl. But not even a god is absolved from Sin Than Heaven, and his sin will run down his realm like blood from a gaping wound in the heart. Sorry. No, the story isn't finished yet. Not Tonight, please. This time it's back to bed. You've been awake nearly too long.

Speaker 3:

Right here. I wonder if you know now the true extent of what you've caused. Do your Penelope sleep. Well, I wonder if he knows what you've become.